Question Time: Can Kaizala end the use of WhatsApp within the Organisation?

Christopher Hoard

Hi all,


Discussing the question if Kaizala can end the use of WhatsApp within the Organisation. Read the article now at


Panel Members (And all Tech Community Members!)

@adam deltinger 

@Vesa Nopanen 

@Rick Van Rousselt 

@Christopher Hoard 


Hope you enjoy!


Best, Chris

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Thank you @Chris for organizing this :)

@Christopher Hoard Awesome article! I used it as a basis to decide on whether to choose Kaizala or not for our Citizen's safety and prevention project in Belgium!

Wow! That’s fantastic news Marc please let us know how it goes - and I am sure @Praveen Maloo would love to hear more about this!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard I would love to share that with @Praveen Maloo. We have written libraries to integrate our custom web app with Kaizala using the Kaizala API that we are testing now and all looks fine. Getting there was not easy because there was a lot of trial and error using the API...




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