How to import all user in company (user had sync to Office365) to portal user in Kaizala ?

Tien Ngo Thanh
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   I have some question about user in Kaizala 

   1. How to import all user in my company ? for mobile normal save in mobile attribute in active directory but most not exactly . please advice help me way to onboard all user to kaizala ?

   2. I want create one Group as "Team Kaizala" when user my company has kaizala then it will auto add user to member this group ? 

   3. How to make sure all user Kaizala in my company in one Group ? this by import all mobile phone csv to This group ?

   4. How to prevent member in Organization Group with action in mobile "Leave and delete group" ?

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Hi Tien,

1. How to bulk add users

2. I will raise auto add from number set to feature request. To note though this probably falls under a dynamic group based on attribute.

3. You should be able to do this by adding all phone numbers for all users to a flat organisational group per this article

Let me know how you get on with this. I will also raise org wide organisational group on the feature list.

4. I will raise a feature request for prevent leave and also leave and delete group.

Wait 10 minutes and you’ll see the feature requests

Best, Chris

Thanks , hope next Kaizala version will have more feature

Thanks Tien,

If you go to ideas then feature requests on this Kaizala site you can now vote! The Kaizala team is listening to this feedback!

Hope that answers this question. If so, please mark it as the solution

Best, Chris
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