How to add member auto to Group when user login Office365

Tien Ngo Thanh
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       in Kaizala , I can set when user kaizala link user with office365 In Orgranization then this user will auto join Group as "ABC Group" . I see as "Team Kaizala" is when I just register then it will join this group .

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Hi Tien,

Hope you are well. As far as so know, Team Kaizala is a public group you are added to when you join Kaizala without being linked to an organisation. You can unsubscribe to Team Kaizala by entering the group, select the group name and under group info select unsubscribe from group. If you link the user to the organisation and the user is set within the organisational groups in the management console then they are automatically added when added. You can change the names of the organisational groups but cannot change the name of public groups like Team Kaizala.

Hope that gives you the answer you need. If it has, please mark it as a solution.

Best, Chris

Hi Chris ,

         But it will no automatic add to Group when user login , That before that we must waiting user register kaizala and link account office365 , after that admin just can add user to Organization  Group .

         With Public group then can use Rule to check if user just register with phone number contains some thing then it will auto add to group



Hi Tien,

I just tested this.

There are 2 types of public group.

1. Public Group
2. Managed Public Group

If you set up a managed public group this will show in the organisational groups not the public groups section of the app within discover. It is the only public group you can set these membership rules on. In effect you could add all of the numbers of the people in your organisation to the membership rule so when they add the Kaizala App they would automatically be added to that group!

It is, in effect, dynamic Kaizala groups.

Hope that clarifies and answers your question. Please mark as a solution if it does.

Best, Chris
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