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Sorry if this is a dumb question but XML is new to me and not having much luck with this one item. I'm looking to configure oma-uri for Zoom Client for Meetings. I was able to Ingest the admx file and create additional OMA-URI. However I'm not having much luck with ones including a URL.


from the admx file

<policy name="ForceSSOURL_Policy" class="Machine" displayName="$(string.ForceSSOURL_Policy)" explainText="$(string.ForceSSOURL_Explain)" presentation="$(presentation.ForceSSOURL_Policy)" key="Software\Policies\Zoom\Zoom Meetings\General">
<parentCategory ref="zoomgeneral" />
<supportedOn ref="SUPPORTED_WINXPSP2" />
<text id="ForceSSOURL_Part" valueName="ForceSSOURL" />


In Intune I created the OMA-URI 



However, no matter what I enter in the data field, fails remediation when the policy is applied to the devices. My other custom oma-uri for zoom work fine however all I had to do for those was enter <enabled/> in the data field.


Same results when I try SetSSOURL.


Any guidance is greatly appreciated.



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Here's the string value that's needed... I used the User policy and it works for us.

<data id="ForceSSOURL_Part" value="https://yourvanityurl.zoom.us"/>