Yammer App: Camera not allowed when using intune

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Hey everyone,


we are just testing to see what we can achive with Intune for apps.

So the Basic Setup is quite simply and works quite good. But we noticed one mayor difference between iOS and Android (we have the exact same Settings for both environements).

When using iOS Yammer app posting a Picture from the camera is possible/ no Problem but when using Android Yammer app the exact same way we will get a message (Operation not allowed by your it organization (or similar)).


Is there any Chance we will get the same behavior on Android as on iOS?


Thanks in advance

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@david_hirsch123It sounds like this is being restricted via the configuration profile, rather than an app protection policy. Are you managing Android using work profile settings? If so, make sure Camera is set to Not configured, and that Data sharing between work and personal profiles is not restricted. Hope this helps.

@eglockling  Thanks for your answer but we don't manage Android devices at all at the moment. We just use intune for app configuration settings. 

We want to secure the usage in a "bring your own device" environement...


Hope to hear from you soon (or anyone else ;) )



In the Data Protection section of the policy, what is Receive data from other apps set to?