Wrong Operating system version in Intune

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I have a few devices which shows wrong OS version on device list in Intune. For example, I have a device which shows Operating system version: 10.0.18363.1198. But I logged remotely to this computer and system runs version 1909.

It makes me crazy as it marks some devices as not compliant.


Device is joined to Azure AD domain. Check-in with Intune without any problems. I am not sure what's the problem... 

Thanks for any clues.




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@Tomasz Szulczewski 

1) Is the issue on 1 device or multiple devices

2) How long did you wait


The problem is on multiple devices 

It's more than 2 weeks now.


From my experience, i cannot think of anything other than latency or bug in reporting. I would suggest raising a support request, while someone in this community respond to you.

If you find a solution, please update.