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Kindly need to know how we can check the outlook data on a mobile phone android or iphone enrolled in intune if it is installed on a work profile or the local profile of an employee?





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If it shows up under "Managed Apps" then it is installed on the work profile cause anything done outside the work profile is not known for Intune. Personal apps, data, and usage details aren't visible or accessible to your organization.

Hello @Johnny_Hauan,


Alright but for example on iphone if you have outlook installed how you can use your personal email without restrictions and the work email with restrictions?





You using Personal Device with work profile enrollment profile? Cause there wouldnt be any restrictions outside of work profile.
Personal device with work profile enrollment but im asking if the employee want to use the email of his organization on the outlook with the protection of the data how it will work?
You are thinking about App protection policy -> All Microsoft apps -> Data Protection? That would still only apply to the work profile. If you want to read the users outlook data it is encrypted on the device and can be only opened by the user.
It could be like that but as a visual interface on android we can see a page for personal and other for work profile so in iphone how it will look?