Wiped machine, then rejoin Hybrid Domain

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I'm sorry if this is a rudimentary issue.


I've recently had to wipe machines that were being difficult.

They were both hybrid joined.

I used the wipe function to wipe one, and the other I had to use Dell Recover to reimage back to windows 10.


1 machine I dropped from AAD (using dsregcmd /leave) once it came back up and rejoined the onprem domain.

Somewhere it stopped loading intune apps like Office.

I get an error message in company portal that it can't be reaches, or Error Loading the device. 

I can see the company name in the grayed out box, but nothing else.

I can log into Edge fine, and my account appears correct in settings.

From Event viewer it show device enrollment failure.

It has all network access but I only see SSID for users and groups on the machine

Intune shows the machine but managed by MDE, why does defender manage? Got me.

How can I get the machine correctly registered with intune?


Meanwhile, the second machine I had to reimage using the dell recovery to windows 10.

It all came up great, I login at OOBE and a deployment error, where user based Azure-AD join failed, with not other information and device-targeted Apps installation also showing failure
I've tried exporting logs as directed on the page, but it fails both the local driver and a usb driver (which it recognizes fine).

I can pull up a cmd window from here if that helps.


I am assuming these are related issues as they were removed from HybridAD and rebuilt.


Any hints are greatly appreciated.






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Hi dkafrissenrvk,

My action plan regarding issues with Microsoft Entra hybrid joined device would be:
- Perform a clean install using an installation media for Windows
- Give the computer a new hostname
- Join the computer to Active Directory
- Sync the computer object to Entra ID
- Reboot the computer
- Cmd (as admin): dsregcmd /join /debug
Thanks, I'll try that now.