Windows Update Status issue

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Hello Team,


What we are observing for most of the system Windows Update status is showing as failed, As checked on this devices feature updated 20H2 is present and all recent released quality patches showing as installed. On local system status shows as up to date, nothing is 

Would like to know what could be the possible reason due to which status is showing as failed and how Windows last scan cycle works. These systems are not co-managed

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This is a bit annoying in the UI, I can agree. I have struggled with this aswell.

When Intune reports a failure as status, it doesn't necessarily mean that updates are not installing.

I can be that one particular update was failing. For me this was a Lenovo keyboard one for example.
Have you checked the update history to see if any updates fail?
@Thijs Lecomte,

Thanks. I have checked on update history and nothing is showing pending for installation or fail.

@Intune Support Team


Could you please guide here.