Windows Update Ring and Status

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I created an Update ring for servicing devices to Windows 10 20H2.  I also have a corresponding Feature Update for 21H2 as well.  When checking the status, about 2/3 of the devices have upgraded successfully and are at 20H2.  However, there are a number of devices that show Succeeded, but the OS version is not at 21H2, it's still the version that was on the machine before the servicing began.  Any thoughts on why it shows successful, yet the OS version is unchanged?

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I have heard of this in some of the older CB versions. What version are you on? Also, have you checked the client side logs?

We are on Release 2212. I have requested logs from a few machines, just waiting for the upload to complete. I would assume I should check the Application log, or would they be in system or another log?

Updatesdeployment, updateshandler, updatestore, wuahandler and panther logs invade the upgrade was initiated at some point.
Got it - thanks. Let me look through some of the logs and see if there is anything related to the updates, and I post it in a reply.