Windows Information Protection - OneDrive "this file can only be opened from a work location"-SOLVED

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Created WIP, added OneDrive desktop to protected apps


Added network Boundary

Type: Cloud Resources




When trying to open OneDrive docs from machine getting this error:



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Hi Jarvis,

Do you have /*AppCompat*/ in Cloud Boundary?

Do you see the file ownership when right click the file?


@jarvis2020 @Moe_Kinani note that from my experience, there is no need to add "/*AppCompat*/" as long as you make sure that there are no spaces in: "||".


Also, make sure “Office-365-ProPlus-1810-Allowed.xml” and "Office-365-ProPlus-1810-Exempt.xml" are added "Protected apps".

I did the first part but can you explain the part below? Where do I add a network boundary exactly?

Added network Boundary
Type: Cloud Resources

Any help greatly appreciated.



When creating the policy you can do so under advanced settings... or do you mean something else?



I too am having the same error..... however, everything was working fine until about 2 weeks ago - another Windows 11 preview update.. then Onedrive for business broke... basically getting this work location error.....


noticed it only seems to apply to 'office' files - ie PDF opens and syncs okay... but not i can't use onedrive for business.... and company says no changes made at the back end to policies etc...


Any ideas.... is this a Windows 11/OneDrive for Business issue only?


Same here. was working fine till recently. however we are not on win11. going to try OPs boundary solution but weird its been working this whole time with out it.
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