Windows Information Protection - OneDrive "this file can only be opened from a work location"-SOLVED

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Created WIP, added OneDrive desktop to protected apps


Added network Boundary

Type: Cloud Resources




When trying to open OneDrive docs from machine getting this error:



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Hi Jarvis,

Do you have /*AppCompat*/ in Cloud Boundary?

Do you see the file ownership when right click the file?

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@jarvis2020 @Moe_Kinani note that from my experience, there is no need to add "/*AppCompat*/" as long as you make sure that there are no spaces in: "||".


Also, make sure “Office-365-ProPlus-1810-Allowed.xml” and "Office-365-ProPlus-1810-Exempt.xml" are added "Protected apps".

I did the first part but can you explain the part below? Where do I add a network boundary exactly?

Added network Boundary
Type: Cloud Resources

Any help greatly appreciated.



When creating the policy you can do so under advanced settings... or do you mean something else?