Windows Information Protection Error 0x807c0008

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I set up WIP per the docs here Azure Intune WIP Setup and assigned, but the WIP Policy will not apply.


Etw error message is 

MDM ConfigurationManager: Command failure status. Configuration Source ID: (A2B94A25-C124-4BF8-89F8-0A8839FD3D14), Enrollment Name: (MDMFull), Provider Name: (EnterpriseDataProtection), Command Type: (SetValue: from Replace), CSP URI: (./Vendor/MSFT/EnterpriseDataProtection/Settings/EDPEnforcementLevel), Result: (Unknown Win32 Error code: 0x807c0008).

 I am not doing anything fancy, just allowing all recommended apps and applying for SP.




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Windows edition and build?

Enterprise (Insider Preview) build 16232



Great, the Insider Edition exports the MDM xml log file (under Access work or school -> Related Settings) and converts it to html atuomatically. Under managed policies, make sure the DataProtection values are being added correctly. If not, a support request would be best to dig deeper.

Yeah, DP settings are there. Thanks.