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Windows feature update not working

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I have all my computers as Hybrid azure ad joined.

I made a new feature opdate policy but it doesnt work.

I assinged it to a group af users.


Update is not comming i made the profile 2 day ago.


What can be wrong?


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Do you have an update ring assigned to those same users? If the answer is yes, you need to change the feature update deferral to 0. Just make sure all those users are targetted by the feature update policy to prevent them from updating to a higher FU.

If this is a test, then better create an update ring for these specific users and configure the feature update deferral to 0. This is a prereq to use feature update policy.
Hi Thanks for the post.
But i still have the same problem.
Made seperate ring now and set it on 0.
It still doesnt work any ideas?
I made groups with the devices in it now and assigned them to both settings



@David Lambrecht 

Could you verify the following KB with your configuration?


Configure feature updates policy for Windows 10 Windows 11 devices in Intune | Microsoft Docs


Which OS build the devices have?

Are they Hybrid or AADJ? Intune managed or co-managed?

Are they receiving the policies for Updates properly? You can verify this in Settings-Accounts-Work or School account and then select the account and verify if they received the Update policy.

This can also be verified in registry. 


Let me know if the FeatureUpdateDeferralPeriod is 0.


Are these devices updating Quality Updates properly? 


There is also the possibility of a Safeguard Hold.



Hi @David Lambrecht


Can you tell me if there are any GPO configured for Windows update?

Is there a WSUS server active in your network or was it active in the past?


Can you check if your Update policy is succeded applied on your devices?


Did you test the updates on a corporate network with a firewall or on a network without any restrictions?


Is it possible to share some printscreens of your configurations, please. 


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Screenshots from the configs would definitely help :)
Also have you assigned it to group of devices as well? What was result?