Windows Device Configuration Profiles

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Is it possible to create a Windows Device Configuration Profile that will push a particular wallpaper to the device is the user's Entra profile > Department value is "MHS", for example? 


Currently, we are sending a District branded lock screen and desktop image based on the device name but are wondering if this can be even more dynamic based on the primary user's Entra profile, instead?  We have different lock screens using this same logic for Staff, Student and Long-Term Subs.  


Thank you for considering!


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Do you have a configuration profile for each lockscreen and wallpaper, and then assign those depending on their device name?

If I understand the question correctly, you can create a dynamic user group that uses the 'department' property.

Let me know if I have misunderstood the question :)

@NicklasOlsen Currently, we have three different configuration profiles for each device name 'startswith'; STU, STA, or SUB.  Those tags are assigned to the device name upon enrollment, depending on the user; Student, Staff or Substitute.  Each of those configuration profiles has a different set of lock & desktop screens for each device type.  The image is coming from BLOB storage.  


What I'm curious of, is if we can target the device and configuration profiles by the Entra profile of the primary user, instead of the device name?  We would like to target the 'Department' field of each user's Entra profile.


Is that possible?

Should be possible through Entra ID dynamic groups. There is a department property against the user group that you can use.

If I understand it correctly, you would still like to only target devices?