Windows Business Update Report: counter reset every day - not nice!

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We started to enroll Win10 22H2 as a Feature update two weeks ago by define update rings and a feature update profile. Some month ago I prepared a configuration profile for Windows Health Monitoring to enable it for Endpoint Analytics and Windows updates for all devices.

On day X Windows Updates Report started to count the updated devices perfectly (>10.000 devices !!) so I had a perfect reporting about how much devices are successful finished or in progress or with errors.

Last friday morning (12/09/22) all counters were resetted to "0" !!! I was shocked. Nothing was changed and I couldn't find a setting where to set anything like this. On this day the counter was working and I could see all devices with finishing the updates on this day. The next morning again: counter reset !! Every day the counter resets !!! Reporting and monitoring are impossible !!!

The crazy thing: the counter for Quality Updates is still counting - no reset !!

What can I do to have a good reporting again ???

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After exactly one week all is fine again. I think it was a failure by Microsoft obviously.
Now the report counter gives me feedback again for all devices.