Windows Autopilot to remove all pre-installed apps

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Dear community fam,


When you create provisioning package from Windows Deployment Toolkit, there is a handy option to "remove pre-installed apps". This is extremely helpful when you don't know what are you getting from the OEM and do not want to reimage the PC.


Is there a similar feature in Intune we could achieve the same outcome, whether during the Autopilot or post?



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@wangjueliang OEM can provide you a clean image on the shipped devices. This is normally a part of the Autopilot registration service that you pay for to your OEM or partner vendor. Without this, the only way to remove pre-installed OEM software I can think of is using PS scripts. But this is a hit or miss depending on the nature of the installed applications.

Depends on the app you want to remove ...

But in my opinion just link the business store to your tenant and add the apps you really want to have removed (mail app etc) and assign a group at the uninstall option and you are done
Also we are still making sure the device itself will be reinstalled with the latest window 10 build... in the past we got some devices with some old os builds... that's not something you want :)