Windows Autopilot deployment Profile

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Please, is it possible to make windows 11 the default Autopilot deployment/rollout in Microsoft Intune? 


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Autopilot is not an imaging tool. As long as Windows 10 is supported, Autopilot will provision both Windows 10 and 11.
Hi @rahujindal-MVP, thanks for your reply. The environment that I'm in currently in has windows 10 as the default when building laptop through autopilot in Intune, However, I want to modify it so that it deploys windows 11 instead through autopilot. How do I do this? Thanks
As mentioned earlier, Autopilot is not an imaging service. You cannot upgrade the base OS using Autopilot. For new devices, you can install Windows 11 manually, reset it and then provision it using Autopilot. A more effective way would be to work the OEM configuration out with your supplier to have Windows 11 loaded instead of Windows 10 before it is shipped.