Windows 11 will NOT upgrade devices

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I have a brand new HP that is on the latest build of Windows 10.  I have joined it to a use in Azure that has Business Premium.  The device is compliant.  I've setup the Feature updates for Windows 10 policy for Windows 11 to rollout as soon as possible.  I added this user to a group and assigned the group to the policy.


The report shows the device and user column "Update State = Offering, Update Substate = Offer ready, Update Aggregated State = In Progress.  It's been in progress for weeks.  Yes I've rebooted the device multiple times.

I created a case with Microsoft that they've had for over 3 weeks.  They've been provided the diagnostic logs from the laptop yet no solution.  This is 1/100 that we need to deploy Win 11 to and it can't even do 1.  Feature Policy Setup.png

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Hi @luvsql
Did you meet the prerequisites? Can you check the blog below and compare your setup?

I have found this video from the technical take off very useful, check it as well:



Yes it meets all the prereqs except for this "Microsoft Account Sign-In Assistant" as I don't know what that is. We use Windows 10 Pro authenticated to Azure so we do not use Microsoft accounts. Also, unless that setting can be controlled by Intune as well, how are we supposed to deploy Win 11 to hundreds of devices?
We have done recently, it worked like charmed. We had to few devices that needed latest BIOS and Chipsets to get upgraded, so think about upgrading drivers.

Happy to setup a call to review your settings!
Check the update rings, i had similar issues when upgrading to W11 and the issue was that the update ring prevented the update.

@sajtan What specifically about the update ring was preventing the update? 



Did you ever get a solution from MS Support? Or from somewhere else?