Windows 11 Upgrade with Intune

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im having difficulties upgrading to windows 11 using intune. i seup a new ring with option to upgrate to win 11 set feature update def to 0, setup feature update to windows 11. The device gets all windows 10 updates but not updating wo windows 11. Any Help would be appriciated 

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Does the device support Windows 11? Maybe check the readiness report in analytics.

@rahuljindal-MVP yeah it supports windows 11. I checked the report as well.

Is the policy applying? Have you checked in WU policies, MDM diag, event logs?
Yeah the policy is applied and called MS, they checked and now they are saying it could be windows issue
@Dayan8686, I had the similar issue last week. Two weeks back everything was working. All the configurations were correct still the devices were not getting upgraded to win 11. It was not just one device, a bunch of 10 devices. The Windows update report for feature updates were not showing newly added devices to the group at all (Ideally it should show offering or InProgress). I did raise a case with MS to check if there was any outage. But didn't get any response still. However last Friday, the devices started getting the feature update policy. I think there must be a backend issue.
I got some updated and some not. MS is keep transferring me between windows team and intune team.
Again facing the same issue. Newly added devices aren't getting the deployment. Neither shows in the report. Do you think if bulk import is causing this? Cause I have added users through bulk import last time and didn't work. I removed the assignment to that group and added another grp by adding devices individually to get it working. No response from MS still :(