Windows 11 Delay Rollout via Intune

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With Microsoft announcing today that October 5th being the release date for Windows 11 will there be Microsoft Intune policies to either delay rollout or to limit the rollout to IT and some test users? What is the plan for rollout with Intune?

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Jeffrey, This can be achieved by one of two ways that I can think of: 1. Deploy an Update rings for Windows 10 and later policy to all devices and exclude IT/test users and create a second policy for those testing; or 2. Deploy a Feature update for Windows 10 or later policy and specify the feature update version you want to deliver, in doing this the targeted devices will not go further than the feature update version stated in the policy, so if your devices are already at 21H1 then when you deploy the policy to those devices they will not update further than 21H1. Microsoft goes a little into detail on how this works and how the safeguards work.

@BraulioCulcay, While I do like that idea and it did cross my mind, if I do that then the devices might not get the 21H2 update and so I'm hoping there will be a policy that I can just assign that is configured for Win 11 specifically. I do intend as you mentioned, to having IT and a few test users go to Win 11 when available but want to delay moving the rest until maybe late Spring or even the summer of 2022.


I am not certain if this works... but maybe creating a proactive remediations which configure

TargetReleaseVersion and TargetReleaseVersionInfo and configure the 21h2 update in it?

And after a while change it/remove it ? (looked in the settings catalog.. you could select it.... but not configure it?)