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I am trying to ensure users have a pop-up notification hours before windows reboots.  In older update rings I see that there was two different types of notifications allowed to be set, permanent and optional dismissed notifications.  I do not see that in the latest windows 10 update ring policy.

Anyone have any thoughts, on how to set these settings with today windows 10 update ring policy on Intune?

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As far as I know you can not set the time when the pop up with the reboot reminder comes. There is only the generic message that a reboot is pending and you can schedule it or after a certain time the more aggressive pop up that you have to boot now. I wrote a blog post about how you can regularly remind users to boot now. If you want I can see if I can find a way to display here the time when the latest must be booted and also make this configurable when the message comes.

So there is no method of setting this with Intune policies?
Is it correct that this is no longer part of the windows 10 update ring?

@rlienadm The only settings you have regarding reboot messages are the following. If you activate this setting the user get a pop up that he has to reboot the device.

In case you want to have a custom message where you can define the time then this message pops up or that this message is shown permanently you have to build custom messages using endpoint analytics.


That is the one I used, but the only message I seen was the icon in the notification area, there was no pop-up or toast message???
When I look under advanced in windows update the "notify me when restart is required to finish updates" is not enabled either.
I didn't see a message within the 1 hour window before the system restarted. Note I did not watch the computer the whole time.
Any idea what I might be missing?


There are some CSP for this. I think with this CSPs you can configure everything what you need:


-Allows the IT Admin to specify the period for autorestart reminder notifications.

Supported values are 15, 30, 60, 120, and 240 (minutes).

Allows the IT Admin to specify the method by which the autorestart required notification is dismissed.


But you can do this also via reg keys:


ok great, finally found these by configuring a configuration profile in intune and using the settings catalog and searching.
I also wanted to confirm the setting in the registry but wasn't finding a good way to discover the registry key. Any thoughts on that?
For example the group-policy "Configure auto-restart required notification for updates" or CSP "Update/AutoRestartRequiredNotificationDismissal". Do you know a good way to find the registry key?
Local domain will have a pol file, but haven't found a good way to convert that to reg file...
I will check the two you mention above, but you may have found those online via article possibly? Sometimes I can't find them online.
Yes you can use the tool RegDiff. I have written an blog where I use this tool:

You can make an dump of the registry activate this setting and the create an new dump. Then you can compare both and you find the needed reg key/value.
Well I ended up looking for another tool and found Regsitry.Pol Reader by SDM Software. It was useful. However I noticed that the SCP settings don't match the registry location that a Group Policy would use, as it seams.
Now I guess the question is how to find the registry key from SCP Update policies? Or are they only in the location:Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PolicyManager\current

Hey @rlienadm : You can also set this registry values from the path you found via a PowerShell remediation script:

Set-ItemProperty -Path $path -Name $name -Value $value –Force


But you can also check the settings cataloged if here are all required policies you need:



To document the necessary steps and to help other users who later ask the same question, I have created a blog post with a step by step guide: