Windows 10 Update for Business - Bug (maybe)

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Good morning gurus


I have just come across the strangest bug I have seen to date.


  1. Whilst I was doing a check of M365 TVM I noticed that Tuesday updates were being reported as missing.
  2. I decided to due a manual check and the only thing I got on both joined and registered MDM machines were signature updates. 




So I went back and checked the Windows Update policy.  No deferrals, everything set right.  A few minor adjustments were made notably change the update channel to semi and allow removal of updates period extended to 30 days.


  1. Restart 2 joined devices and force an Intune sync
  2. Do another manual check
  3. Nothing

2021-03-10 (1).png


What is going on there should be all the updates from Tuesday iaw M365 TVM

  1. So I decided to hit the "Pause updates button for 7 days" then once enabled, un-enable it.
  2. To my amazement the update suddenly appeared.


2021-03-10 (3).png


This behavior was found on all machines in the test tenant.  2 joined and 3 registered.

It will take some time to see the results in M365 TVM.


The update policy for the tenant was showing no errors in deployment prior to this interesting event on any machine.


Other interesting information I've noticed

  1.  I'm on build Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19042.804] across the board
  2. According to this my last cumulative update should be KB 4601319 not KB 5000802 even though M365 says otherwise (the latter supersedes the first)
  3. It is early days though.



For information only.




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