Windows 10 update feature not getting deloyed

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Hi i have hybrid azure ad joined machine and i am trying to deploy Windows 10 2004 version update but via update ring and its shows it deployed successfully but as soon as i see the end user status its on 1904 and its says up to date and checked on device ran the sync from both sides tried to check update but no luck
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Hi Eshaan,

This feature does not work as expected, it’s still in public preview and it’s only a policy that depends on Windows updates, meaning Intune does not store the feature update.

I have encountered some issues when tried skipping Windows versions (from 1809 to 1909).

Here is great article that I used before, hope it helps!

Hello Moe,
Thank you for your response but i am not using the Windows Feature Update which is in preview i am using the update ring and in update feature update deferred period is set to 30 days and Windows 2004 released in May it got installed on one of my device but rest its not updating them.