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Hi everyone.

I have a work laptop which is AAD joined. Previously when I downloaded updates my shutdown setting would be "shut down and install updates" or "restart and install updates". I have configured updates to download in Intune because some users are able to turn off updates.


Now I can choose between "shut down and install" or just "shut down". I don't want users to be able to shut down without installing if there are updates pending. What should I do? Has anyone set up an update ring that behaves the way I want it to?


Thanks everyone :)

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You can set these GPO, CSP or registry keys to have the system make those extra items visible at shutdown. In this case, you'd want to set it to "Disabled" or "0" in the reg key since you want it to show.

Disable Update and restart and Update and shut down in Windows 10 


Could also look at some of these other related update settings to facilitate the process:

Settings for Windows Update that you can manage through Intune policy for Update rings 


Other reference: Force install updates on PC shutdown and restart on Windows 10/11 


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Hi, just replying to myself here. I think i've fixed my update woes but only another patch cycle will tell. The MS documentation on the subject is risible but there is a gentleman on youtube called Manish Bangia who knows what he's doing. If my problem is also your problem please look him up. It's 18 mins well spent.




Hi @dave22339 

we may have the same issue in our company. 
We would like to hide the “normal” shutdown and restart options when updates are available.

I was watching the video you mentioned (I hope it was the same :grinning_face_with_sweat:) but I couldn’t find the solution.