Windows 10 quality updates - Update Healt Tool missing

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Hello all,
I have the following problem and ask for your advice.

We have several AAD joined and registered Windows 10 devices, with different Windows 10 versions. This devices are full managed via Endpoint Manager. We have now created our first Windows 10 quality update ring in Endpoint Manager with the last security update.
During monitoring we get the information that several devices do not have the required update health tool installed. As far as I know, the Update Health Tool was installed with KB4023057. However, these devices do not seem to have this update. Is there a possibility to distribute this update on the affected devices or to publish the Update Health tool independently?





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That is certainly strange. If you needed to distribute an individual update out of band, you could choose to distribute it as a Win32 app.

@Nathan Blasac 


Thank you for your advice.

I saw that there is a corresponding doc post for distributing specific Windows updates as Win32 apps. Deploy Windows update packages as Win32 apps - Intune | Microsoft Docs 

Unfortunately, since the devices all have a different Win 10 version (e.g. 1709, 1803, 1903, 1909, 20h2) and the update is not available for all versions (last is 1803 in update catalogue), this does not seem to me to be an appropriate solution.

Same issue here. We have around 340 devices worldwide, which are managed by Intune and seem to be missing this update...
Ever found a solution to fix that? I don't want to publish a Windows Update as a Win32 app, that's absolutely stupid.


You could create a Powershell script and deploy it to your devices. As the update must be installed with windowsupdate when you have the latest build installed

Try {
Install-PackageProvider NuGet -Force
install-module pswindowsupdate -force
install-windowsupdate -kbarticleid KB4023057 -acceptall
Catch {
$_ | Out-File C:\temp\errors.txt -Append

I described to whole flow and troubleshooting part in my latest blog: