Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (Mobile?) - Device Enrollment

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Hello All --


I've got some handheld devices that are used in a warehouse setting for production selection.  They are Honeywell CT50 devices, running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.  It is basically like Windows 10 mobile - but with out cellular capability.  


We are looking at moving MDM solutions from Airwatch to Microsoft EMS for these devices.  We currently have some Android devices enrolled that are used for Hauling Truck Electronic Logging - and these devices are enrolled under a "Corporate-owned dedicated devices (Manage device owner enrollments for kiosk and task devices)"


We are looking to enroll these Windows 10 handheld devices in the same manner - device only.  Not tied to any specific user.  Is this possible?  


As for profiles, we will only be pushing a basic compliance profile / policy, along with some wifi profiles and pushing some in house UWP applications.  It looks like we can do all that we are looking to do - I just don't know how to get them enrolled without an actual user account.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 







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