Windows 10 Enterprise Kiosk Mode Start Menu Tiles showing but not starting the UWP app

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I am enrolling Windows 10 Enterprise devices in Azure AD and Intune. The user is enrolled as normal user on the device. After enrolment we are pushing an UWP app and a Kiosk Device Configuration profile to the device with Intune. This works perfectly on the device where I extracted the custom Start Menu Layout xml file from. The device starts in kiosk mode and only the UWP app can be started by the user via the Tile in the Start Menu. When I enroll another device (same formfactor) with the same user everything seems to work fine. UWP app is deployed and kiosk mode is applied. When I click the Tile of the UWP app nothing happens. No error , whatsoever and the UWP app is not started. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks P

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