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Windows 10 Enterprise activation error with Intune

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Hey Folks,


im working for a project where all devices (currently running with Windows 10 LTSC 1809, LTSB or Windows 7) are migrated to Windows 10 Enterprise. The goal is to manage all devices with intune. As the update path from all those versions to Windows 10 Enterprise is kinda difficult we are reinstalling them with a fresh Windows 10 Image. So far so good. The autounattend.xml is filled with a generic Windows 10 Enterprise Key, I want Windows to license the device with the Microsoft E3-License which is assigned to my user. The problem is, the device is not going to activate, saying KMS-Server isnt reachable. What am I doing wrong at that point? I bet its some kind of Logic error or I dont get the way microsoft is activating their devices with intune. Another problem i was thinking about is that the generic key makes the device to use the digital key which is of course a LTSC Key, not a Enterprise Key. Do you have any ideas, what I am doing wrong?

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@sebamedo Can you check this document

I guess you have a KMS DNS SRV record in place? 


Also check this article: Intune: Upgrade Windows Pro to Enterprise AUTOMATICALLY! | Matt Soseman's Blog (