Windows 10 1903 Autopilot always fails at user app deployment stage

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Testing the recently released 1903 with two Autopilot tenants and with both they always fail at the user stage when trying to install apps. These apps are just normal store apps, Company Portal, Forticlient, Translator. If you skip waiting and install them manually, the setup completes, but it just won't install store apps by itself.


Anyone else had this issue? If not, I will get some logs.

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@Deleted No, it will be fixed with next week's update, which is now scheduled for 5/29.

Looking at current update offerings, last update is released 21.5.2019 for 1903 @Michael Niehaus .. so still have to wait?

@Michael Niehaus 



I Tried to update today but no new update to solve this issue.

so will the new cumulative come soon ?




The fix is in build 18362.145 (and later), delivered via KB4497935.  It’s been available since 5/24 for devices in the Insider rings (including “Release Preview”).  The update is available for download from the WU catalog:




Thank you a lot
I will test it tomorrow

@Michael Niehaus 


Today 30/05 ive just built a1903 from the Media Creation Tool and im getting the same failure during AutoPilot on the Account Setup Stage. I got into the OS and installed Company Portal from the MS Store and it moved on.


Please advise when the Media Creation Tool build will be updated. 



@Michael Niehaus  I've got the latest Windows Insider Build (18908) and I am still having problems Installing Apps during Autopilot Process and also from Company Portal.

Company Portal it only fails to install Windows store Apps, Win32 Apps I can install with no error.

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My issue is intune autopilot can t install windows store application (entreprise portal)

when i update windows 10 with the preview all is working fine

@Michael NiehausJust wanted to confirm that the build available when you create a USB Stick from the Media Creation Tool is 18362.30


Please advise when 18362.145 will be available when using the MCT.



@Chris Snell The media will likely be updated in 2-3 months, including the latest update at the time.  OEMs will ship new devices with this fix preinstalled.

@Michael Niehaus  So how are admins supposed to deploy this 1903 image to machines enrolled in AutoPilot if this won't be updated until then?  Not able to roll back imaging sticks back to 1809 using MCT either....

@TToP89  I have discovered that if you can get the device updated, then do a Intune FreshStart - it seems to retain the needed KB.


Of course Windows Defender ATP now sees the device multiple times (because historically this is a different device).


I also worry because some devices in my environment show up multiple times in the Devices->Device Enrollment->Windows Enrollment->Devices blade (aka Dashboard->Device enrollment - Windows enrollment -> Windows Autopilot devices).

I believe the duplicates are because some devices were registered through MSfB back in the early days - and now those are the devices that are getting pushed to 1903.


@Neil_a_Consultant, do not worry about duplicate devices in Windows Defender ATP. A new Windows installation will create a new machine, which makes sense. The old machine cannot be manually deleted from ATP but once your data retention period reaches its X days for that device, it will be automatically removed. Even manually off-boarding a machine will not help.

@Michael Niehaus, this will not work for most organisations. Ours included. When deploying a new machine, it is preferred to use a USB-stick to ensure its a clean setup.

@Michael Niehaus Not fixing this maybe acceptable for the new machine scenario but for many people who rely on users having an easy way to rebuild from publicly available media (USB Stick) not fixing this for 2-3 months is really bad.


I think in this case Microsoft should provide the ability to select the build required when using MCT otherwise the service is useless because we cannot rely on getting a working build without providing users a USB Stick from VL download or a custom slipstreamed ISO which isnt really acceptable IMO.



Sorry to ask
Can we trust this website ( building Windows 10 iso?

This is what I found during my tests:


Windows 10 1903 - Build 18908 prerelease 190524-1658


  1. App fails when installing it from Company Portal
  2. App installs with no error when Installing it from Microsoft Store App
  3. Company Portal fails to install during the AutoPilot process