Win32 Apps Recovery if Deleted accidently

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Recently, I inadvertently deleted a Win-32 app that had been pushed to all users. Following the standard procedure, I raised a ticket with Microsoft to restore the application, expecting to utilize the 30-day buffer time that Microsoft typically provides for file and app recovery. To my surprise, I learned from the Microsoft Support team that there is no such feature for Win-32 Apps, leaving me concerned and, I believe, raising concerns for all Microsoft clients. The ability to restore applications is a fundamental need for any Cloud SaaS provider offering a restore option, and the absence of this feature is a significant drawback.

Furthermore, the Intune Portal lacks an audit trail for activities performed by admin members. Despite assurances from Microsoft support that this feature is on the roadmap, it has been more than five years since our subscription, and there has been no noticeable improvement. An audit trail is essential for security and compliance purposes, aligning with best industry practices and standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27002, and NIST Control.

As a valued customer investing thousands of dollars in Microsoft Intune, it is disheartening to see these critical features missing or not meeting expectations. I encourage the Intune development team to prioritize these functionalities, keeping in mind the industry standards and the evolving needs of your customers.

If these gaps persist, we may be compelled to explore alternatives, such as AWS, in the coming days. I believe addressing these concerns will not only enhance the user experience but also solidify Microsoft Intune's position as a leading solution in the market.


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