Win32 apps and dependencies

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Hi all,


I have a few questions on the win32 app publishing, especially around dependencies.


Since there's no integrated support for dependencies I have built my install.cmd's to get everything installed in the order I want, as well to run pre/post install powershell scripts.


This poses an issue though since when executing the installs via .cmd, the UI dissapears and sometimes it's needed for me. And also if the user is not an admin and we need to install for example SQL tools the install fails since the app is defined as a user context app.


Anyone else that has run into these issues? have you been able to work around them?


I'm thinking of trying to package these apps with PSappdeloytoolkit, not sure how well it would work tough.

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Hi Tobias,


Win32 app dependencies is in preview atm


Dont know how hard you need it, otherwise I would wait for MS ;)

Hi as @manddje already said dependencies are in the process to be released soon. Features listed on that particular In Development site ( are typically not that far away from release, often they are released with the next Intune release. Currently Intune runs 1903 Release. So it might be available with Intune 1904 April release.