Win32 App Deployment: "This app is no longer detected on your device" message

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Trying to build/deploy Win32 apps in Intune, two of them display the following message: "This app is no longer detected on your device. It may have been uninstalled or updated to a different version."

One is a printer driver install script, the other an update for a piece of software.

It seems that the app does not install/fails after attempting to install. What causes this behavior/what do I need to do differently to get this to install properly? Thanks!

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Keeping the issue of detection aside, does your script actually work?
It does work without running inside of Intune.
How are you running manually on the device? What is different when you import it Intune? Don’t worry about the detection for now. Let’s first establish why the installation won’t work using Intune. My id is email address removed for privacy reasons. You can send me details directly if you like.
It looks like the first script is now working; it was missing a driver file for a printer install. The second app install (a CAD program update), I'm still trying to figure out.