Win10 multi-app kiosk local user - win32 app post-autopilot not working

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Similar to this


That was posted in May, with no recent updates, other than some BS from a "Community Expert" which doesn't even come close to answering the question.


Our Win10 multi-app kiosk policy with local user logon doesn't seem to install Win32 apps after it completes autopilot.  If you make the apps required in the ESP, they install fine...once... but they'll never update or get other non-ESP required app deployments, because the user is a local user and not an AAD user.


Is that the expected behavior and why is Microsoft always doing something silly like this? Basically it makes the device unmanaged.  Because apps never have security vulns and they never need to be updated, right?  Maybe if the Intune dev team were handed a monthly report from InfoSec showing all the app vulns that need updates to fix... just divorced from reality, I guess.


I swear I need to retire from IT.

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Hi @MC_Edwards,


Did you already tried to assign the required app to a Device group? Because a device groups don't care who's signed in on the device, or if anyone is signed in. You want your settings/application to always be on the device.

Assign device profiles in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs


Also I can share you a great blog post about the user or group assignment:

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Please let me know if this has helped you to fix the Multi app kiosk problem and please mark my answer also then as a solution.

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