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White Glove/Hybrid Join from build center not connected to customer network

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Good Morning, folks!


I'm hoping to be able to use Autopilot White Glove to pre-provision devices in a "build center" prior to sending to customer end user for finalization.


The requirement is for a hybrid join scenario. Presently there is no connection back to  the customer's domain.

So my questions are:

1) Is it possible to complete White Glove hybrid join from a build center without creating a link back to the customer's network?

2) Does the "Skip AD connectivity check" setting allow the White Glove process to complete without being physically ON the customer's domain (yet).  It looks promising!

Has anyone in the community been exposed to this type of situation/requirement?


Sure would appreciate some feedback/comments. Thank you so much!



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Hi Garth,

1- Yes, it’s possible because in tech flow, the device is resealed prior to the time when connectivity to a domain controller is expected, and the domain network is contacted when the device is unboxed on-premise by the end-user.

2- This setting should not matter for white glove process, this will enable the user to establish vpn connectivity (authenticating against AD) without being physically in the office.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much.


... and thank you for the bit about the Skip connectivity thing.  I expect to be working with VPN connected clients in the near future


Much obliged!