What’s new in Mobile Application Management with Microsoft Intune


Lead engineer and Principal Program Manager for enterprise Cloud mobility, Dilip Radhakrishnan, offers a demo-rich overview of the latest Mobile Application Management capabilities in Microsoft Intune, including: how to define policies to stop data leakage; how you can manage your apps without needing device enrollment and how to setup this protection for your users' most valuable Office Apps. You can try these capabilities for yourself and learn more today at: AKA.MS/TryEMS. 



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Would be really nice if the Outlook app and other Office apps on Windows mobile/desktop 10 supports WIP without enrollment. Also WIP and MAM CA for O365 and SAAS/LOB apps would be really nice.

The apps listed  at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-platform/microsoft-intune-partners don't require MDM enrollment. You can use the SDK to wrap your LOB apps.