what if we Set Feature update deferral period (days) = 0 days in update ring

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I have a update ring where feature update deferral ==0 but device are not getting upgraded to newer version of OS and I do not have enabled "Feature Updates for windows 10 and later"  is it due to DSS logic  @Rudy_Ooms_MVP 



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Hi.. Good morning.
To answer your question, I need to have some more background information, Because feature updates not deploying can be due a lot of issues or conflicts.

Let's start with the obvious one :) AADJ or HAADJ?
well let me ask in another way , Devices are AAD joined, Feature update deferral =0 (in update ring) and assigned to user group not device group (not using "Feature Updates for windows 10 and later") will all users device get feature updates ? if yes where is the role of DSS service.
Normally when configuring the feature update it should get updated to the latest build in time (depending indeed on the deferral time/grace period/deadlines etc) But the WUFB deployment service is just another service when comparing it with the WUFB service(requires more licensing also)