Weblink on shared iPad prompts 'action not allowed' after clicking

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We started discovering shared iPad within MEM several months ago. Looking to the utilization of this concept deploying weblinks are essential, if you ask me.
And exactly with these weblinks we are struggeling for almost 2 months. Hope some if you can provide some insights.
On the shared iPad Microsoft docs page weblinks are mentioned as supported. So we deployed weblinks to different shared iPads within different MEM tenants. We configured weblinks by using 'require managed browser' and without this option.  On the install status pane of the webclip it is showing an error, but somehow in the end the weblink is deployed to the devices. Although we tested things over and over again after hitting the weblink icon the iOS message is thrown 'action not allowed', no matter what.
Finally we submitted a support case at Microsoft which is already going on for almost 2 months, but no one seems to be able to give a root case of this symptom. BTW deploying a weblink/webclip created within Apple Configurator works fine, but is not a solution.

So far I suspect limited support on the user context within MEM as cause of this issue, but I am looking for some confirmation.

Thank you!

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Did you found a solution I have exactly the same issues
No, with this topic I am trying to find the root cause. So far the work around is to deploy a weblink/webclip with Apple confgurator. However the Device Feature configuration for setting the home screen layout sees Apple configurator weblinks as configurations rather than applications, so you cannot set these weblinks in your predefined homescreen layout. Furthermore signing in to the Edge browser seems to solve the issue in an INconsistent way.

Hi @daniel2405 ,


Issue seems to cased when you check 'require managed browser' for you weblink. The 'managed app' definition of Microsoft seem to differ from the definition of other MDM vendors and Apple. Definition of a managed app according to Microsoft is: A managed app is an app that has app protection policies applied to it, and can be managed by Intune.
Which means when creating a weblink and requiring this weblink to be opened with a managed browser, you need to distribute Edge to this device in the first place, but you need to apply an app protection policy to Edge as well. Keep in mind when you do not check 'require managed browser' you can only open it within Safari.

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due to the fact the shared iPad is still device base do you think the application protection will solve the issues ?. the only workaround I found is to create Book Mark in Edge.


we are using Edge like app VPN because the link we want to reach require internal connection.


for device with user affinity the there is no issues and also without app protection policy. 

Hi@daniel2405 ,

I tested your scenario with a device with user affinity, without APP and require managed browser. Tested this when signing in to Edge and without signing in to Edge. Still receiving the error 'Action not allowed'.

@Tim_bl Hello Tim,


I find myself tackling the same issue. Were you able to find the cause of the problem? Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated. 


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