We want to implement MAM for our devices like Android and IOS devices.

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Hello All,


We want to implement MAM for our devices like Android and IOS devices. Client don't want to use MDM for manage devices. Please suggest me how to start implement of MAM for devices. 

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The configuration will depend on how much you want to manage from a MAM perspective. At a minimum I will suggest CA policy requiring APP as a condition against M365 Apps. Setup your APP, app config policies targeting M365 core apps in Intune and license your users for Intune.



Indeed you start with creating an APP (App Protection Policy). That are the policies you can use for MAM (or MAM-WE Mobile Application Management Without Enrollment). Read this carefully: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/apps/app-protection-policy


And like Rahul mentioned target to the apps you like to be part of the company protection an make sure licensing is in order. Another point to take into consideration is that you use to create a Unmanaged or Managed APP (Managed would be for fully MDM managed scenario's) that is no longer the case. You need to target the APP to Unmanaged device by using Filters like this and assign this to the APP:





The last thing is, there is no enrollment. So the user flow is now:  the user downloads one of the APP managed apps (like Outlook) from the public store, they login with their company credentials, based on those credentials the APP policy will be applied to the app.


Hope this helps.