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VPP license assignment - first VPP popup several times

Steel Contributor

Hi folks,


i've experienced a problem while using iOS BYOD devices with user driven user enrollment method.

If the user never used the managed apple-id before, he's going to be prompted to acknowlegde the popup to agree that the company is assigning apps via VPP.


Because of the assignment of a few more apps (targeted "required"), the user will be annoyed with 5, 6 or 7 popups, which are coming up faster, than the user can click (and read ;) the terms).


Do you guys have any idea on how to deal with that?

Of course i could target all the apps as available an not required, but i think that is not ideal.

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We've used user licensing.

Of course the user needs to agree to the VPP Invitation, this would be no problem if this would only happen once ;)


Regarding to the microsoft table: "BYOD – user licensed (not User Enrollment device)" 
What does the "not user enrollmend device" stand for? Whats it all about then?

Any further ideas? :)

@PatrickF11  It's referring to iOS User Enrollment (introduced in iOS13), which is different than Device Enrollment for BYOD. It's comparable to Android Enterprise work profile, where it leverages a managed Apple ID for distribution of corporate apps (Public and Private) and separates personal and corporate data even further. It also limits what administrative actions are available via Intune, to protect end-user privacy and prevent personal devices from being wiped.

@eglockling Thanks for your answer, the User Enrollment modeisn't that new to me, but i assumed i had a problem with the app licensing.

In the meantime things changed, so there are no duplicated VPP Invitation popups anymore, strange, but even better. :)