Visual C++ and general update patching via Intune

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We have just recently had an issue due to Visual C++ not being up to date breaking an application update. We used to be able to deploy C++ security updates via SCCM Software Updates, but I do not see this type of behavior in Intune/Endpoint Manager. I am fine with the general lack of granularity we had with SCCM, but from what I can see, there are a lot of updates Intune is not deploying.  How can we change Intune to bridge this gap?  I have seen various scripts to package and update C++, but it seems to me that there should be a native  way to update directly in Intune without all these extra apps to be packaged and deployed.  


An additional ask would be the granular type reports from Intune on the updates it is deploying instead of the summaries that have no level of detail about what is missing.  We should also be able to rate a machines compliance based on not having recent udpates.

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You have got Supersedence.... Maybe ut could work

But I am note sure about the outcome... as for me its a 50/50 if its working :) .. Most of the times I try the supersedence first...if that ain't working... just a powershell script which unisntalls the app with msiexec first and then installs it again....