Virtual Home Button on Zebra TC57 Not Working

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When setting up Zebra TC57 scanner devices as Corporate-owned dedicated devices in Multi-app Kiosk Mode, the Virtual Home Button does not work, whether it is set to 'Swipe-up' or 'Floating'.


I have an open ticket with Microsoft who has confirmed that the setting is working on the Samsung device that they are testing, so it appears to be a Zebra specific issue.


Any ideas for possible solutions?

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@techtest  I have it working on a Zebra TC57. Are you configuring the virtual home button using the app configuration policy for Managed Home Screen, or from the Device Restrictions profile? I've configured it from the Device Restrictions profile. (Device Experience > Dedicated Device > Multi-app > Virtual home button: Swipe Up)

@eglockling Thanks for the reply. I actually just figured out the issue yesterday. The Virtual Home Button doesn't work if you have 'Notification Windows' set to Disabled in the Device Configuration Profile. Once I set that back to Not Configured, it began working without issue for both the Floating and Swipe-up Virtual Home Button.


I had an open ticket with Microsoft so I notified them as well. I'm hoping they acknowledge it as a bug vs intended design, but we will see.