Video playback not working within Android Enterprise

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we're working on an issue, we can't solve right now. Let me outline this in detail:

  1. The Android device is managed within the deployment type COBO. (Fully managed user device)
  2. The Apps like OneDrive are protected with App Protection Polices which allow to save files to OneDrive, Sharepoint and to local device storage.
  3. The Gallery App ( is published and installed as an Android Enterprise system app.
  4. Downloading a video file from onedrive is working because APP is allowing it.
  5. Playing this video File inside OneDrive is working.

On to the issues:

  1. Playing this video File inside the Files- App is not working. ("There is an unknown error")
  2. Playing this video File inside the Gallery- App is not working. (The thumbnail is only a grey squared picture with an exclamation mark.)
  3. Sometimes, directly after downloading it is playing for about 5 seconds, afterwards theres another popup stating some codec issues. (No matter what type of video is used).

We've tested this with different smartphone vendors and different M365 tenants already.


Are there any ideas or do you experienced similar issues?

Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Kind regards


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Anyone? :D
This issue is driving me nuts...