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Using PSEXEC to test intunewin

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I am having trouble getting new win32 apps on Intune to install. I remember that in the past, I would test the intunewin package using PSEXEC before uploading. When I go to the page that had the old PSEXEC documentation, it seems like it got updated with a different page. Does anyone know how to test if the intunewin package will run properly using PSEXEC?

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Personally, I use the Run-in-Sandbox to test my Win32Apps. It's from Damien Van Robaeys ( but it needs updating and has a fixed fork from me that you can use if you want
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@Harm_Veenstra I got the sandbox environment working but how do you test .intunewin files in it? When i run the .intunewin file with sandbox, it opens a folder with the intunewin file as well as the original installer. How do I test the intunewin file?

It shows two folders on the desktop in the sandbox, before starting it asked you for the install command (should be entered like .\install.cmd for example) and then it should start installing your package if all is well.

It shows a folder with the contents of your package folder and a folder with the sandbox script files
Ahh i see. Is there a way to get the apps to install with default selections? I have tried /quiet, /q, /silent, etc but an option box always pops up during installation. How do i have it install in the background with default selection?
Not that I know, personally I use this to test an application and the command-line and so that's ok for me... You can check to see the documentation or perhaps even submit a feature request for it :)