Using Delivery optimization in Autopilot deployment

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we will soon be provisioning 80 new Windows 11 devices via autopilot in a remote office. Parts of them will be pre-provisioned, some will be user-driven provisioned.

As the bandwith on that location isn't that high, i would like to use DO for the download of Applications to safe bandwidth. The apps are assignt for installation in background and DO is configured on the devices via policy.
On devices, that successfully pass autopilot, DO is working good and clients are sharing data happily. But after some tests I worry that DO is used only in the full OS and not in ESP.

Do you have any Experiences on that? Useing the early preview of MCC isn't possible right now as we are not allowed to use preview technology in productive envirnoments.


Greetings Michael

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has anyone already had experience with this topic and can tell me something about it?

Thank you very much,
Hi there, I can't honestly say that I have any worthwhile experience to merit answering this one confidently. I did want to share with you this link, in case you haven't already seen it:

If you don't get much help here, you could try using the Feedback option at the end of that page to ask your questions. An advisory case with MS Support (which I believe translates to new terminology now) could be your backup option. Your MS account manager (CSAM/TAM) should know how to get this going, if you have one of these for your account).