Users unable to change Wi-Fi settings on Dedicated Android Kiosk Devices

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I have found little on the internet on this issue (see one reddit post: ) with no direct solution.


Essentially, We have managed android tablets that use the managed home screen app. Settings are set to allow users to change Wi-Fi settings, but they are unable to actually connect to any. They can see all networks and prompts for a password when tapped, but it never makes a connection attempt after hitting confirm. Please see below for setting information:





Please let me know if further information is needed. Thank you!

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@HackerMan1337 did you find a solution to this? I'm encountering the same issue.

@HackerMan1337 please look at : 

"Additionally, when an end-user tries to connect to a password protected network via the Managed Home Screen app, they will be asked to input the password. Even if the password is correct, the network will only change if the device is not connected to a network. Devices that are already connected to a stable network will not be able connect to a password protected network via the Managed Home Screen app."


So you have to remove the known network wifi settings as an admin (or the user himself if allowed to open Configuration panel) before users can connect to a new network...

The issue is the same, have anyone been able to resolve this, seems very buggy.
Android 13. Users select a WiFi enter password, clicks connect, nothing happens, even if no WiFi is connected, no configured wifi within range.
There are multiple post about this on reddit.

@JimmyWork @HackerMan1337 @Fabrice_Osswald  @Stephen Neil did you guys find any solution to this problem?

@Sriram10069 No known fix yet. I did have a call back from an MS engineer who reproduced the issue and said it was documented internally but that a fix would rely upon some changes in Android Enterprise to enable Intune to expose these settings correctly for kiosk devices. I haven't heard anything further in a few months now.

It's a permission issue, if you enable all notifications and status bar you will see a Android notification saying do you want to "Managed Home Screen suggested networks. Device may connect automatically. Allow , No thanks."




I have informed MS about this a long time ago. Was asked to create a new ticket after some time to another Team. But worked around it by pushing the settings app and looking the settings menu down.


In the Device Restriction Policy you need to set the following.
System notifications and information
Show system notifications and information in device's status bar

The user will then get this Notification in the Status Bar, you need to pull from the top of the screen.


Old reddit post where I posted my findings and the workaround.


@Sriram10069 this is the solution. 

You also need to be aware that if you configure a network, and t´hat network is within range the user cannot switch, they need to be out of range of the configured network to allow this. But notifications etc needs to be turned on. This causes a bad KIOSK mode experience so i opt in for pushing the settings app and using samsung knox plugin to limit the menu.

@JimmyWork  - it worked for me thank you for the suggestion!