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Users getting duplicate Known Folders (Swedish and English)!

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Problem: Users getting duplicate Known Folders (Swedish and English)!

Windows 10


All my users have their settings from AD - GPO telling the computer to redirect folders to Onedrive, works perfectly.

Now when we start a new computer with the same users, using Autopilot and Intune, users get new folders; Desktop, pictures and documents (Skrivbord, bilder and Dokument). It doesn’t connect to the right folder that have all the files in them. It is like the Kown Folders settings ignore the users OneDrive Desktop, picture, and documents and creates new folders = Users gets Desktop and Skrivbord, Document and Dokuments, Picture and Bilder


How do Intune select what folder to use when the user login to the new computer (intune)?

Where do I start troubleshooting?

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