Use a Dummy account for pre-install process on ios devices ?

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Hello, we use Intune to manage iphones and ipads in my company.

We usually install all the devices before giving them to users, but for this we need their AzureAD account and password, which is not ideal.

Is there a way to pre-install devices with a dummy account (so Intune install process and ios update is done), then switching device to the real user account, without wiping totally the device and restart a full installation process ?

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Can you explain a bit more about installing the device? Are you using the dummy account to access company portal and install the mdm profile? Or just adding the the Azure AD as an apple id?

Hi, i would like to use a dummy account to access company portal and install mdm profile. then, when giving the device to a user, just switch to that user (we only have one profile)
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I don’t recommend using this way as you will have some limitations in the future like Conditional Access or using Apple ADE.

Answer to your question, you need assign this dummy user Intune licence and make it DEM account so you can enroll up to 1000 devices.

Here is a useful doc: