Upgrading Windows 11 on Co-Managed Entra Joined Devices with Intune

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Dear Support,

All of our Windows 10 devices are managed through SCCM and Microsoft Intune, with shared workloads piloted through Intune. Below are the details from one of our testing devices,

Here is the testing device details,


Co-management configuration settings:


As per the instructions provided , I have created a profile under "Update rings for Windows 10 and later" and manually synced it from the company portal, Intune device console, and Account or Work School > Info > Sync. However, I do not see any prompts or progress regarding the Windows 10 upgrade.


I verified in event viewer, Application and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > DeviceManagement-Enterprise-Diagnostics-Provider -> admin, I see there was an error “MDM Session : OMA-DM message failed to be sent. Result: (Unknown Win32 Error code: 0x801901ad)” I checked in google the error message indicates that, the device was unable to sync because of network connection issues so restarted the device to see if this error get rid from the event viewer but I got another issue in event viewer ,

“MDM ConfigurationManager: Command failure status. Configuration Source ID: (E97E6844-D6DA-4626-8E08-2981CAC4E66F), Enrollment Name: (MDMDeviceWithAAD), Provider Name: (Policy), Command Type: (Add: from Replace or Add), CSP URI: (./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/ConfigOperations/ADMXInstall/Receiver/Properties/Policy/FakePolicy/Version), Result: (The system cannot find the file specified


Not sure whether because of this error windows 11 upgrade is failed?

Dsregcmd /status ,


WUfB Policy registry entries and values:


Could you please assist in providing guidance on how to upgrade Windows 10 for hybrid devices?




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Based on the screenshot provided device is Entra registered and refer the below article for setting up Feature Updates for Windows devices
Yes, I referred to this article, but I'm not sure what I might have missed in my environment. Is there any way I can troubleshoot further?
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Device in the screenshot is Entra registered whereas it should be either Hybrid Entra Joined or Entra Joined (based on the article)
Ah, okay. I just noticed that this device is joined as 'Entra Registered' but not 'Entra Hybrid Joined.' I used the same SCCM image for this testing device and auto-enrolled it in Intune using co-managed settings. Please assist why this testing device shows 'Entra Registered' instead of 'Entra Hybrid Joined' like the other devices? Could you also please help me understand how to convert this to 'Entra Hybrid Joined'?
I noticed there was a duplicate device entry in Azure AD under 'Devices' - one showing as 'enrolled' and the other as 'hybrid joined' with a pending status. As there was no manual option to delete the enrolled entry in Azure, I used PowerShell to remove the duplicate. Simultaneously, I executed 'dsregcmd.exe /leave' on the client machine and rebooted the device.

It seems I'll need to wait for about 24 hours for the status to update from 'enrolled' to 'hybrid joined' for the device, similar to other clients. I'll provide you with an update tomorrow.
The join type has changed from 'Entra Registered' to 'Entra Hybrid Joined' now, but the device has not been migrated from Windows 10 to Windows 11
Share screenshots of all the configuration settings for Windows Update (from Intune portal)
I'm not able to add the screenshots here, so I added the update rings and feature updates profiles in my initial screen itself. Please take a look and let me know if you need any other information from my end. Thank you!
I haven't made any additional configurations beyond those mentioned in my initial descriptions. My testing machine successfully upgraded to Windows 11 without any issues. I now need to upgrade over 300 devices to Windows 11. Is there any option available to expedite this process? The upgrade on my testing machine took almost 2 days

Windows 11 upgrade is working as expected after following the steps below.

This link covers almost everything step by step:
but if the upgrade is still not functioning in your environment after following the above steps,

please also double-check the following items:

  • Check the workstation join type. In my scenario, the enrolled Windows device join type was Microsoft Entra Registered device, which is not supported. I converted the device join type to Microsoft Azure Hybrid joined after adding the devices to the correct configuration profiles in Intune. Additionally, I noticed a duplicate entry in Azure AD -> devices, which I removed.
  • Verify if there is any group policy restricting the OS upgrade.
  • Ensure that you have added the device to the correct group and included it in the update rings for Windows 10 and feature updates for Windows 10 profiles in Intune.
  • Verify that the device compliance status has turned to compliant. If it has not been evaluated, either wait until the status turns to compliant or force a sync
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Device in the screenshot is Entra registered whereas it should be either Hybrid Entra Joined or Entra Joined (based on the article)

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