Upgrading Win10 1803 to 22H2

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I am trying to use Intune to upgrade my device from Win 10 1803 to 22H2. Perhaps the issue is there is no direct upgrade path, but I am not finding any info online to confirm this.


Are there any settings that I can check to ensure this update goes through, or any logs on the local computer that I can see if there any errors?


Any info would be appreciated.


Here is my current setup:


Device Current OS Version: Windows 10 1803 (OS Build 17134.2208)


Policies Applied to Device are all showing through Mobile Device Management except for Do not Allow update deferral policies to cause scans against Windows Update which is via GPO.


Feature Update to Deploy - Windows 10, version 22H2


Update Ring Settings

Quality update deferral period (days) - 0

Feature update deferral period (days) - 0

Servicing channel - General Availability channel


Feature Update Report shows

Update State - Offering

Update Substate - Offer Ready

Update Aggregated State - In Progress

Last Scan Time - Not Scanned Yet

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Hi feature update should work but how long have you waited? What happens if you check Windows Update manually on the affected devices? Are drivers up-to-date? You mentioned GPO so i guess these are co-managed devices? Could be conflicting policies?

Reports -> Windows Updates (Preview) should give you a pointer on the status from the Intune side of things. If co-managed with ConfigMgr, i assume the workload for "Windows update policies" are set.

Thanks for the feedback.The update was added last week.

This is a brand new clean install of Windows 10 1803 that I did for testing on a VM. One thing to note is that I did set TargetReleaseVersionInfo to 1803 to ensure that it didn't upgrade before I switched to Intune. That was just removed Monday so at this point its only been a few days.

It is co-managed and Windows Update for Business has Intune as the Workload.

As for the Report it shows Offering, but a few things stand out but both of these could be related to running an outdated version of Windows 10 since you need 1903 or later for the Compliance Reports.

Last Event Time - 11/18/2022, 11:32:33 AM

Last Scan Time - Not scanned yet


Was that set through group policy? Sure its not sticky? Would check through registry to see what the TargetReleaseVersion says here:



It was manually set in the registry for just this specific PC. Currently TargetReleaseVersion does not exist.

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Thanks everyone for the assistance. Turns out there is no direct upgrade path from 1803 to 22H2. I set Intune to upgrade to 21H2 and it went through successfully.

@ChrisP1975 how plz explain it fully step by step process plz 

@Pancakes110h I have a feature update for any computers that are running anything earlier then 21H2 (in my case 1803 and 1909) and then once that is completed, the 22H2 will take over.

@Chris1875 please help me the name or link of that feature update. I appreciate it



Which feature update did you use?